[Hallicrafters] Re Coloring Dial Bulbs

edben edben at prodigy.net
Thu Feb 12 21:10:47 EST 2004

    Lafayette Radio, Pete?  Boy, do I miss them!  Too bad there's not more
competition for "R-S" today!  I still remember placing my first mail order
with them in the very early 1930's.  The order included my first electric
soldering iron, priced at, would you believe, 18 or 19 cents!  I couldn't
afford the Jackson iron which was all of  69 cents, I believe!  Of course, I
did peddle the local paper (3 cents a copy, or as low as 12 cents a week) to
make money for my early radio hobby.

    And yes, I do speak up once in a while, but the younger guys are doing a
good job of carrying the ball and keeping this Net a good place to keep
tuned in to!

                                Ed Benjamin, the old WWII Liberty Ship Radio

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> I use to go to the craft shops, you find them in all the strip malls
> under a host of names, and get those small bottles of paint that they
> sell for glass painting. Very abundant supply during the Xmas season. I
> don't remember the cost but it was relatively cheap. Lasted for many many
> years before the paint in the bottle got too hard to manage. When I was
> doing service work for Lafayette, the paint on the lamps used in their
> receivers use to chip off after a few years so I use to repaint them with
> the stuff from the craft shops.
> Pete, WA2CWA
> On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 15:00:52 -0500 "Duane Fischer, W8DBF"
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> >
> >
> > For those of you who have the need to color a lamp in your
> > Hallicrafters, or any
> > other electronic item, here is some information that should prove
> > very useful.
> > It is courtesy of Ed Benjamin, one of the list subscribers, who
> > rarely posts
> > publically.
> >
> > Hello, Duane.
> >
> > Your friend may find it even easier to locate than I did.  I
> > heard about it some time back on the good old Hallicrafter's
> > List, and found it at Ryder's Hobby Shop.  I doubt if Ryder's
> > have got all the way to California yet, but the paint
> > actually comes from Japan, by way of California.
> >
> > The product is "Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint".  The hobby shop
> > has it in a 10ml size (which will color a lot of bulbs!) for
> > $2.  Now, just don't try to convert that to dollars per pint,
> > or none of us could afford it!
> >
> > Luckily for your friend, it is distributed in the USA by
> > Tamiya America, Inc., 2 Orion, Aliso Viejo, California 92656.
> > Their phone number is 949 362-2240.
> >
> > I really like the way it works.  It's clear as a bell, and
> > one dip leaves the bulb fully coated with brilliant color.
> >
> > Ed Benjamin
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