[Hallicrafters] Main Tuning Knob SX-101/101A

Langston, Mike MLangston at HCPRICECO.com
Fri Feb 13 16:06:10 EST 2004

Here's an update:


I was unsuccessful in obtaining any donors for the "wide flange edge" knob
to use as a mold, consequently, I have sent my "sharp-edged" knob for use in
making the prototype mold. The metal insert has been removed and I've sent
that to get a quote on various quantities. Some of you have expressed
interest in a reproduction knob skirt. I have 3, 2 of these are the original
plated brass units with the markings stamped and painted. 1 however (I
discovered when I took it off the knob) is obviously a reproduction, made of
aluminum and the markings are silk-screened on. You can't tell it from the
original unless you remove it and feel the weight difference. I've sent that
off as well to see if I can have some made and what the cost will be for
various quantities.


I should be getting some feedback from these guys in the next few weeks. I
have a long list of those interested in knobs, but if you are interested in
a skirt, you should let me know so I can start getting a handle on a
quantity to have run (assuming he says he can do it). 


I'll post another update when things progress further.


Mike Langston KL7CD

Dallas-Ft. Worth

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