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You're right Larry, it is sad, real sad.

I remember my dad taking me to Radio Row in New York, site of the late
Trade Center, when we lived in Bayside, NY. That was in the late 40's or
early 50's. I must have been in the 1st grade or thereabouts because
when we lived there, I went to PS 162. I still have a little button that
the teachers pinned on all the kids.


Dave Harmon
Torrance, Ca.

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Hi Pete,

I remember well the Lafayette Radio Associate store that was in Peoria.
was a dump and in a really bad area of town. They person running it was
nice and also helpful to a new novice. After my Mother drove me there (I
not old enough to drive) she commented we would NOT be going back to the
area of town again!  She probably would be really mad at me if she knew
went there a number of times after I got my license. I occasionally
drive by. The business is long gone but the building and memories are
there. It's really to bad. Peoria like a number of other places no
has a place to buy parts etc. I never considered R.S. in the last 20
years a
place to buy anything parts related. If you did you needed to buy 4
just to find one within tolerance.
I recently needed a couple of "F" connectors to fix up a cable for my
parents move to a nursing home. I took a deep breath and went into the
store. Something that reminded me of the Energizer Bunny comes bounding
wanting to know if i want a cell phone. Strike one!  No I need a couple
"F" connectors. REPLY: Oh you want some RF connectors for a CB?? Strike
Thank goodness some other sucker came in the door and I sicked him on
unknowing person. I almost felt guilty... NAW!  I found what I needed
thank goodness they have given up on "I need your name, address, ..."
I would have punched him! There was enough stress with the nursing home
move. I wish I would have just yanked a cable out of our house and
trying to be neat. However it all did work out.
The good news is you can order from places like Mouser etc. and have
in a day or so. I just order a few extra and at a hamfest just take a
handful instead of what I need at the time.
Those were great times visiting the "main stores" like Allied Radio in
Chicago. We also had Klaus Radio in Peoria. They still exhist. Until
last year you could still go and find parts. Not just parts but good
I needed the power resistors and capacitors for a Collins 516F-2. They
all of them except for one capacitor and that they had for me the next
But that was last year and I don't think I can even find an "F"
there now. Sad really sad.
73 Larry WA9VRH

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> Some clarification here. The original Lafayette Radio Electronics
> a.k.a. Radio-Wire Television, does not exist anymore. In the late 70's
> there were approx. 128 fully owned LRE stores. There were thousands of
> "associate" Lafayette Radio stores whose only connection to the LRE
> parent  was the ability (they had to buy in) to sell Lafayette
> merchandise and house-brand Lafayette equipment. They could also sell
> anything else they wanted. When bankruptcy proceedings started in late
> 70's approx. 62 of the 128 stores closed immediately. After court
> restructuring, the remaining 66 stores were allowed to continue
> operations. The restructuring did not impact the "associate" stores
> directly unless the only products they sold were Lafayette house brand
> equipment. Some of these stores might still be around today. In the
> 80's, further major financial problems forced the closing of 60 more
> the original 128 stores. The remaining 6 were located in the
> Again, because of financial problems, the remaining six stores were
> up for sale and bought by Ward's in Richmond, VA also in the early
> Rumor has it that the only reason Ward's bought the stores was to test
> the metropolitan New York area/Northeast area. Ward's had a strong
> presence in the Southern states and was looking to tap into this area.
> The stores were all closed several years later (85 I think) and the
> original LRE disappeared. Several years later, the first Circuit City
> store (owned by Ward's) appeared in the Northeast.
> Lafayette Radio exists today but this not the Lafayette Radio
> Electronics, a.k.a. Radio-Wire Television, that existed many years ago
> where we all went for radio and parts stuff. As a part-time sales
> employee (21 years) and a creditor, I did much of the service for many
> the NJ stores from the mid 70's through all the closings, I still have
> all the court documents that were sent to me that detailed the court
> restructuring during the various periods.
> The original LRE products still exists in our hearts, minds, our old
> catalogs, and web pages.
> Pete, WA2CWA
> On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 19:56:13 GMT Jerry Forwood <e.j.forwood at juno.com>
> writes:
> >
> > Oh by the way, Lafayette Radio is still around,  Their name is now
> > Circuit City.  They too have moved on to selling products that make
> > a profit.  There used to be six stores like HRO in Cincinnati when I
> > first got my Novice Call, KN9AIB.  I used to save up my pennies and
> > beg my dad to let me drive the 75 miles to go "Radio Shopping".
> > Don't go looking for them now, and don't be surprised if the only
> > place you will be able to shop for radios in the future will be on
> > the Internet,
> > or eBay.
> >
> > 73 de Jerry, KØEJF
> > E.J.(Jerry) Forwood
> >
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