[Hallicrafters] SX-101 WWV problem cont.

Wayne Light hwlight at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 14 12:03:38 EST 2004

Thanks for those that responded to my first question, I now realize that I did not give enough information about my SX-101 with the dead band 7 (WWV).
I, of course, have "tweaked" the mixer and ant slugs for 10 mhz.  On my version, the osc. coil is sealed shut from the factory (If I'm looking at the correct coil it is welded shut - as are several others).  I believe the crystal calibrator unit is not related to the WWV band (except to calibrate the freq).  The receiver seems to be just fine, with the exception of a dead WWV Band.  I do get noise but even with the sig. generator putting out max signal...nothing.  I did clean the bandswitch until it sparkles.  I did a complete alignment (twice).  My radio has an ink stamp on the chassis "MARK 3".  I think it is about the same as the MARK 2 but not sure...that is the schematic I'm using.
Is there some capacator or other part that might just shut down this one band?  It is probably something obvious but after going over everything twice...still escapes me what could cause this.  Some of you experts will probably know exactly what could cause this.
Thanks guys for ANY ideas.

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