[Hallicrafters] SX-111 Opposite Sidebands

George KB2Z Thermionic_Emission at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 16 19:43:11 EST 2004

Good evening all,

I'm new to the Hallicrafters list and wanted to introduce myself. Name is 
George Litchfield aka KB2Z.
I just picked up an SX-111/HT-37 pair and never having owned a 
Hallicrafters before I thought I would pose 2 questions. If this has been 
addressed in the past, my apologies. I was trying out the SX-111 and 
thought that the SSB reception was awful. CW sounded pretty good. I found 
that 20 and above receive in LSB & 40 and below rx fine in USB. Is this a 
known problem or should i be looking for reversed wiring on a switch or 
someplace else? I looked back through the list some and didn't come across 
this. The second question, is there a way to search the archives for 
information with a search utility?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions , George KB2Z 

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