[Hallicrafters] Re: Halli knob skirts

dale dmr47 at rocketmail.com
Mon Feb 16 21:07:55 EST 2004

I have successfully changed skirts on the function
knob on my SX-101 MkIIIa. I picked up a pair of Halli
knobs with incorrect skirts and no center trim but
knobs them selves were the same and had a brass insert
for the shaft and set screw where the original was all
It has been quite a while since doing it but as I
recall side cuts and needle nose pliers were used to
grip the pins.The pins had a type of thread on them
which allowed them to turn when they were pushed in at
My replacement knob had different alignment for the
pin holes and were different on the skirt so I threw
the pieces in a drawer and put on a different knob. 
My dilemma was how to align new knob and skirt. 
The knob pieces served a 10 to 15 year sentence in the
drawer until rethinking it years later. No sense it
rushing into it since I've had the receiver since
It finally dawned on me in my case since there was no 
flat on the shaft it made no difference in the
orientation of the skirt.
The center trim required me to break the old knob to
remove it and just siliconed it in to the new knob.
Bill, at worst you may have to drill some new holes in
the skirt so it will align properly and possibly
remove the plastic nub used to position the skirt
during manufacture.
Long and wordy but hope it helps.

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