[Hallicrafters] Removing the skirt on Hallicrafters Knobs, Update

Bill Campbell wd4hen at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 18 15:01:27 EST 2004


First of all, many thanks to those who replied to my intial question.  None
of the knobs I have are fitted with the brass insert, unfortunately.  I took
my Dremel tool and ground off the heads of the pins until I could  pop off
the skirt.  Being careful, I only did minor damage to the back side of the
skirt.  I practiced on a broken knob since I did not have a backup for the
band switch knob skirt on the SX101.  Once the skirt was off I removed the
pins with a set of dikes.  I found some small screws at the hardware store
and refitted the skirt.  Another plus here is that if in the future that
knob should break again it will much easier to repair.  Also, the skirt
aligned perfectly on the small pin on the backside of the knob.

Now I only have to finish replacing all those paper caps.  All this
continues to remind me that patience is truly a virtue, but worth the
trouble.  After finishing with the SX101 I have a nice HT32A here to put
with it.   Looking forward to putting the pair on the air.


Bill - WD4HEN

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