[Hallicrafters] Please Be Advised, HCI Has Ended

steven arterberry arterberry at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 2 15:35:30 EDT 2006

"...This name and logo are the 
property of Duane Fischer, W8DBF and may not be used by any one or any group 
for any reason without getting written consent first..."

I don't find any support for this.  There is no valid trademark registration.  If you have secured a copyright registration, please provide the registration number. 

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>From: "Duane Fischer, W8DBF" <dfischer at usol.com>
>Sent: Jul 1, 2006 8:51 PM
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>Subject: [Hallicrafters] Please Be Advised, HCI Has Ended
>Effective as of Saturday July 1, 2006 "Hallicrafters Collectors 
>International", AkA "HCI", has ended. This name and logo are the registered 
>property of Duane Fischer, W8DBF and may not be used by any one or any group 
>for any reason without getting written consent first.
>The Saturday Net will continue, "if" someone wishes to assume the NCS 
>duties. There is an established frequency and time slot, but the Net name 
>will need to change to something different. I will be present "when" 
>possible, but "not" as NCS.
>The Wednesday evening Global Glow Roundtable has also ended. Those of us who 
>met there, will continue to meet there, but not in a Net format.
>The Sunday Net will continue. However, the name is "Halligan's 
>Hallicrafters" and the call sign for this Net will be "W9WZE". I will be the 
>NCS for this Net. Times and frequencies remain the same.
>The HCI web site will end. At least by that name and link! If it can be 
>preserved and revitalized, it will continue, but with a different name and 
>url. I sincerely hope that the copyrighted material on this site does not 
>end up stored in my file on the three backup DVD's. However, the legal team 
>currently involved in sorting out some issues will make the call. But be 
>assured, the information will survive and in all probability be reborn.
>It has been fantastic fun doing the Nets for the past 7+ years. I have met 
>some incredible people and had some priceless experiences with some of you. 
>I am grateful for having had the opportunity. I am not going away, unless my 
>health forces me to, but do have some other radio projects that I need to 
>devote my time to.
>Change can be good. Perhaps some of you will pick up the slack and we will 
>all be better off for it.
>There will be more changes taking place this month, more about them when 
>that time arrives. Nothing bad! Just different.
>I hope to hear you tomorrow, Sunday July 2, 2006 for the Halligan's 
>Hallicrafters 20 meter Net using the call of William Halligan, Sr., W9WZE. 
>The pre-Net is at 12:45 PM EST/EDT, (1645 UTC), the Net at 1:15 PM EST/EDT, 
>(1715 UTC). The frequency will be 14.293 MHZ usb +/- for key clicks, mike 
>splatter and as of late a lesson in Espanol! (chuckle) We hope to hear you 
>Duane Fischer, W8DBF
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