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jeff jeffv at op.net
Thu Jul 6 10:11:38 EDT 2006

this past weekend's hamfest had a Halli 42 and a 62 for sale.  I was 
drooling, but the back pain kept reminding me that perhaps they weren't 
such a wonderful idea.

Ok, I'll admit it - they needed alignment.  The only thing I know about 
alignment is that, just like my car, it's always better to have a 
professional do it.  Sure, I have a signal generator and something that 
used to be an oscilloscope in a previous life, but they look really nice 
on their shelf and don't like to be disturbed.


One prize that didn't hurt to lift was a frequency counter.  Is there a 
decent site with info on how to hook it up to a BA for digital freq 
readout?  I remember something about an IF tap and subtraction.


What do you do with a piece of equipment that uses GZ34/5AR4s?  I hear 
the new production ones are horrid and the old ones are going for 
obscene prices.

I have 5V4's and 5U4's, plus an interesting article from a 1963 mag on 
rewiring a rectifier socket so that it will take any of 6 rectifier tubes.

Your experience is appreciated.

P.S.  To the vocal minority:  People in glass houses........

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