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> I have a Hickok 6000A tube tester but can't find the settings for the  
> audio output tube in the S-38D; specifically, a 50L6.  Any  
> recommendations on how one tests this tube other than just seeing if  
> it plays in the S-38D?
Actually, that's really the best way. With old radios, one of the most  
reliable parts are the tubes. If they have lasted 40-50 years, chances are they  
are still serviceable. There are a lot of opinions on tube testers, but unless  
you have a VERY good one, only very basic good/bad tests are possible. The 
best  test is in the radio itself. This is particularly true of RF amplifier 
and/or  converter tubes. They may test fine but perform poorly in the radio. In a 
series  set like the S-38D, if the tubes light up but the radio doesn't play, 
it's rare  that a tube is the problem.
If you are restoring an S-38 and need additional help, feel free to post  
here or write me direct, whichever is more convenient for you.
Doug Moore

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