[Hallicrafters] Curley, Larry, & Mho

TC Dailey daileyservices at qwest.net
Thu Jul 6 18:57:59 EDT 2006

So, we've lost Mho too, eh?  Being in the commercial fire alarm industry, I
don't have a lot of use for Seimens... in more than one way.  Also consider
that I think the designation for frequency should be the TESLA, vs the
HERTZ.  Hertz didn't have a clue about oscillators, and Tesla DID... even
got the courts to say so... and over Marconi, as well.

Speaking of Tube Testers - I have a B&K 500.  Anybody have information on
any of the adaptors that used to come with them.  I've researched other
adaptors for other B&K's but they're not the same.


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