[Hallicrafters] Duanes-w8dbf double standard

Bill Gerhold k2wh at optonline.net
Thu Jul 6 22:05:23 EDT 2006

My answer to this is WHO CARES and this is not an attack on you either but,
why have you taken it upon yourself to detail and pursue inconsistencies in
Duane's postings?  Why is it you feel the need to highlight this so called
"Double Standard"?  I would be willing to bet the overwhelming majority on
this list don't care one bit.

Your statement "The issues are, and always have been, the perception that
Duane practices a double standard in his actions, a double standard that he 
insists he does not have."

If Duane does not believe he has a double standard then that is fine with me
simply because it is none of my business and does not make any difference in
my life.  The "Issues" (if any) are Duane's and Duane's alone.


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