[Hallicrafters] SX-99 / SX-100

Mike Lopez n8azc at sssnet.com
Fri Jul 7 16:17:17 EDT 2006

Microphnic ....Try replacing the rubber grommets insulating the main tuning 
cap from the chassis. I think that's the answer, but have not done it 
myself. One of those round tuits.
Mike N8AZC

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>I could be mistaken, but I'm almost sure that knobs from an S-38 will work
> for that... they look the same, and are either very close to size or
> exactly.  ...s'worth a try.  Also - I cannot recall how much "web" you 
> have
> inside your knobs, but if there's enough, I've drilled out the center, and
> epoxy'd in an aluminum bushing that was 1/4" ID, with a threaded hole on 
> the
> side.  Match the bushing's hole up with the existing knob's hole, and 
> you've
> saved an irreplaceable knob.
> SX-99's and SX-100's were the "dancing queens" of microphonics.  We had 
> one
> in highschool that would "sing" a nice tremollo everytime somebody walked 
> on
> the floor (and it was a CONCRETE floor!).  I've fixed a few receivers by
> loosening the hardware (one piece at a time), then retightening it -
> obviously, it's usually a cap or tube, but wires hanging in space can do
> that as well.
> G'luck  Tom  WØEAJ
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