[Hallicrafters] Capacitor replacement questions

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mmf and pf are interchangeable units, m is 10 -6; mm and p are both 10 -12
A chart isn't necessary just substitute pf for mmf.

SBE made "orange drop" are probably the most commonly used replacement
capacitor as they are high quality.  However I personally don't like them as
they have radial leads are sometimes hard to mount.  Any current manufacture
polystyrene/polyester capacitor is much superior to the old capacitors.  The
service conditions in a receiver are not severe and impose no difficult
operations conditions on a capacitor.


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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to find out if mmf means pf on old capacitors, and if anyone has
a link to a chart?

Also, when replacing paper caps, I've noticed that most use "orange drop"
types as a replacement.
Is it the general consensus that these are the best replacements?

Thanks for your help,


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