[Hallicrafters] A good shortwave receiver wanted

William L Howard wlhoward at verizon.net
Mon Jul 17 20:10:47 EDT 2006

I got this message from a friend. Can any of you recommend a good receiver?

Bill Howard

 A Good SWL Receiver

Dear Bill,

    I'm getting ready for this fall's Short Wave Listening season to open and I have decided to get a little better receiver.  How are your contacts in the HAM/SWL receiver market?

    I've got a SONY 2010 and  a Radio Shack DX-394.  Want to get something with more and better tuning aids.  Doesn't have to be new, doesn't have to have station memories....   want it mostly to get the weak ones down in the dirt.  Had a good Collins R-390 once but that is just too big and heavy.  Want something that I can put on the nightstand next to the bed.  Go any recommendations?


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