[Hallicrafters] Mods to Hallis....

jew123 at juno.com jew123 at juno.com
Wed Jul 19 16:22:04 EDT 2006

Okay, okay I will the newer diodes (grins/lol/ ;>).  What Halli number 
are they??

I made a digital copy of the tube layout chart for while painting the 
radio the old tube layout chart was destroyed.  I printed off a new 
one and glued it to the inside of the top lid (I did use ole yaller 
paper though).  I also took a digital copy of the numbers on the 
chassis that identify it as a Mark II for as I cleaned the chassis the 
original numbers faded.  I printed these number off on a stick-um 
label and put the label over the old numbers.

But the worst is yet to come.  I copied the serial number of another 
Halli, printed it on a stick-um label and put it on the back outside 
of the chassis.  This has fatally ruined this radio for resale for 
when the next owner sends the radio back to Hallicrafters for warranty 
work not only will Hallicrafters refuse to do the work under warranty 
but my refuse to work on the radio at all.  Please do not tell anyone 
about this.

Jim Winkler
Denver, CO

PS:  I also had to use a round rat-tail file to enlarge the hole where 
the line cord enters the chassis as I used a newer 3-plug cord as the 

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