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Well, not true for one.... I still find bargains and the last ARC-5 I got 
was given
to me free by someone who is a big eBay seller.  eBay is not a dirty word! 
You may not like that market but I can go there and find tubes and parts, 
etc. 7 days a week and I can find repro parts for a lot of boatanchor 
gear....those parts probably would not be available except for the wider 
market created by eBay.  If it were not
for eBay, a lot of boatanchor gear would be going into the landfills and 
forever!  Collecting old items, whether antique furninture, art, cars, or 
radios is
becoming more expensive simply because of demand and lack of supply.

thanks for the rant, 73,
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> Whatever happened to the days when you could buy any military surplus
> electronics such as an Arc - 5 for dirt cheap?  The answer is that dirty 
> word, Ebay.
> 73's
> Fred
> n2waz

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