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I read the stories of the old radio shops and surplus outlets with great 

When I was a novice in Honolulu, Hawai'i, there were several "ham 
stores" as well as several surplus outlets, the largest and strangest 
was "Louie's Electronics" on Sand Island.

Louie's carried the cast offs from the Pacific Fleet Depots and 
consequently had literally tons of near state of the art items and parts 
for pennies on the dollar.

Another venue was the weekly, cash and carry, direct surplus sales at 
Pearl Harbor.  I don't recall the price but I think it was something 
like ten cents a pound.

Oil filled capacitors, coax, and transformers weren't that attractive to 
me but transistors, 4CX250's, were.   I once found a Collins Mechanical 
Filter... at ten cents a pound.

Would be nice to archive these stories on a google-accessable site. 
Also, Wikipedia should be updated with radio memories.

Wikipedia is loaded with pop-culture references, fiction, sports, 
entertainment but contains little of Radio.

I added an entry for Signal/One and linked that to Collins and Icom but 
a lot more should be done for amateur radio.

de ah6gi/4

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