[Hallicrafters] Memories.

Charlie pincon at erols.com
Mon Jul 24 09:56:25 EDT 2006

Growing up in the 60's in the Washington DC area (right off the main runway 
of Andrews AFB) we had a number of ham/electronics stores to choose from. 
My favorite was Electronics Wholesalers in DC.  They were basically an 
industrial supply house, but they had a rather large showroom dedicated 
exclusively to Ham Radio.  My very first receiver, an S-53A (and later, when 
I moved "up" to an SX-99) came from there under some sort of "discount" that 
my old man finagled.  They took trades too, so my novice xmtr was a used 
Globe Chief 90A  that I bought for $29.95.  The original owner used real 
toggle switches and put an extra red pilot light on the front panel to 
indicate when the HV was on.

Anybody out there happen to have one of those cheap Calrad, green plastic 
mikes that were bullet shaped, but the front was slanted back?   (See cover 
of Electric Radio DEC 1997)  I think they sold for $3.95 and were the bottom 
of the Calrad mike line-up.  I also had a two meter AM station back then 
with a Hallicrafters S-102 receiver, Tecraft transmitter and 5 element 
Hy-Gain beam.  I've located the Rx & Tx, but I still need that weird mike to 
complete my nostalgia Novice station.

Thanks, Charlie k3ICH

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>> I read the stories of the old radio shops and surplus outlets with great
>> interest.
> I feel compelled to share my 'radio store' story from the weekend.
> Went to the HRO store in Salem NH with W1UJR and was amazed at how
> empty it seemed. This even though it was full of gear. Aside from a W6
> working there who was rude to Bruce about a Alpha Delta switch he
> wanted to exchange (new, but damaged), it was just a very
> anti-climatic experience. It probably didn't help that we had just
> attended an antique radio meet before going there.
> There are still a few surplus places out there. Manchester NH had one
> (ESS? EES?) but I think it's gone. Same with the one in Hudson. They
> were around in the 90s. Also saw a few around the Portland, OR area
> back in 2003 that were very cool, thanks to some of the locals. But
> for the most part, they seem to be a thing of the past.
> Aside from today's plug-n-play-then-throw-away mentality, I think lack
> of availability for the dealers is probably the biggest reason. I was
> too young to take part in the 'Radio Row' halcyon days, but am
> thankful for the few experiences I have had.
> ~ Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
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