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My fondest memories was drooling over all the cool rigs of the day at CW Electronics near downtown Denver, Colorado.
Tables and racks full of the best ham radios of the time with much of them connected "live" for you to play with.  CW Electronics survived selling ham gear up until the mid-1980's when they finally had to migrate into PC's and general electronics due to the up-in-coming computer craze and dwindling ham radio sales.  They finally died off in the late 1990's.

Another cool Denver spot is Fistell's Electronics.  Now, this is a place where you could still walk in and see all the neat stuff with it's familiar smells.  It's like going back in time remembering my earliest visit in the mid 1970's with my electronics class from Jr. High.  The founder's children have done a great job in keeping the business going, but they all appear to be struggling amidst their own health issues and dwindling profit margins.  In my opinion, Fistell's could benefit from a more aggressive internet web site to lure more potential buyers, as it is obvious there is currently less local interest in the hobby.  Of course, easier said than done as it costs money, knowledge and resources to maintain a web site.

Fun to remember those days though....

-Steve, KA0BMQ

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Antique Electronics Supply in Mesa, AZ was a place where you could  
wander the aisles full of parts up until maybe a decade ago.  They are  
still there (as far as I know) but as I understand it their insurance  
company insisted that they restrict access.  Last time I was there you  
couldn't get past the tiny front office.  Might as well deal with them  
by mail.

-Rich, KC9GQ

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