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Guess he should have just used the "substitute method" before sending them 
Bill Marx W2CQ

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> While it's always EASY to find fault with anything, it's harder to say 
> nice
> things - still, my recent experience with AES was less than stellar.  A
> friend ordered several tubes from them, re. his National NC-183D that I 
> was
> redoing.  The tubes were listed as "Used, tested good", but out of the 7 
> he
> ordered, 6 were BAD or maraginal.  I think that's just plain sloppy, or
> perhaps somebody using a filament continuity tester only.  One of the 
> tubes
> had an open plate connection (never seen that before in a 6J5), which 
> would
> have been OBVIOUS with a decent tester.  Oh well... et tu Brute'?
> Tom - WØEAJ
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