[Hallicrafters] 5R30 Continental question

Mike Everette radiocompass at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 27 21:28:54 EDT 2006

This question isn't about anything exotic, but I
wonder if someone knows the answer.

I recently found what looks like a 5R30-series
Continental AA5 acey-deucey radio which worked pretty
well without needing anything done to it.  My question
is in trying to identify exactly which model it is. 
The sticker that is normally on the bottom of the case
is gone.

The case color is sort of a grayish-rose-beige, which
doesn't seem to match any of the 5R30 through 34
colors.  The big difference, though, is a loopstick
antenna glued to the inside of the cardboard back and
connected across the antenna terminal strip on the
chassis.  The loopstick looks like it could be

The radio does very well on AM with just the loopstick
(too bad there isn't much to listen to but yak-yak),
and the shortwave performance isn't bad.  I have it on
my desk at work.  

Somewhere, some time, I may have read about a later
variant of the 5R30 Continental that used a loopstick;
or am I imagining this?


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