[Hallicrafters] 5R30 Continental question

Mike Everette radiocompass at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 28 21:27:21 EDT 2006

Hi Bill,

I don't think it is a 5R33.  Reason is, I have a 5R33
as well, with the model-number tag, and it is a
tan/light brown.  The color is almost a dead-on match
for the picture of the 33 in Chuck Dachis' book.

This latest find, which I needed like a hole in the
head but couldn't resist because it was so nice, is
definitely a different color.  It's not quite gray,
not quite beige, but kind of a more rose-looking
color.  It is definitely original.  

The 5R32 doesn't seem to be too common but I have seen
one, and it is gray, but a light "sky" gray.  This
latest find definitely isn't that color either.

Right after I got this radio, I saw one on eBay that
looked like it might be the same color, assuming the
color in the picture on the auction site was true.  I
e-mailed the seller but he told me there was no tag on
his radio.

So, it's a mystery.  

This radio does have all miniature tubes.  My 5R33 has
a mix of miniatures and octals.

Seems like what I remember seeing also contained a
list of "5R-" model numbers, for the same generic
radio, that went beyond "34," but I could be mistaken
about that.  I recall thinking this might have
referred to other colors that were released later; but
that could be wrong too.



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