[Hallicrafters] S-38 pot w/switch

Thomas C. Dailey - Dailey Services, LLC daileyservices at qwest.net
Thu Aug 18 14:02:31 EDT 2011

Huzzah!  I found one - there's this OLD electronic store in Denver, called 
FISTELLS.  Many times they don't have what you need, but through trial and 
error, we came up with a replacement:  CLAROSTAT p/n A472MEGZ  -  A47 2 
EGZ  -  PO1443 / 9421

The pot must be "assembled" by inserting the shaft, and the switch is the 
toughie - find the CLAROSTAT p/n "SWF" switch.  One removes a "trapdoor" on 
the back, inserts the switch, and shazzam - you have your pot w/switch. 
NOW, all you have to do is FIND THEM - I think I got the last, but not sure.

Tom - W0EAJ 

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