[Hallicrafters] Painting a Hallicrafters S-41G

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Sat Jun 11 19:59:38 EDT 2011

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Subject: [Hallicrafters] Painting a Hallicrafters S-41G

> Hi all,
>     Just finished the electronics rebuild in an old S-41G, 
> works as
> well as it should...ha!  Anyway, now for the cosmetic 
> upgrade; I don't
> do crinkle finish and trying to match the old paint isn't 
> going to
> happen in my small town.  I'm thinking about applying 
> label tape (thin,
> white Casio label maker tape) to the lettered areas and 
> then trying to
> lightly over-spray the case in as close a color match as I 
> can.
>     Any thoughts on the paint?  Anyone every paint one of 
> these?
> 73 es Tnx,
> Ted K8AQM

     It seems to me that someone on this list has a web site 
with the formulas for all the Hallicrafters colors on it. If 
so you may be able to get paint made up for you via mail 
     I suspect covering the old paint with masking tape 
would work but I am not sure how good it would look.
     Is the original paint scratched or scraped off or just 
dirty or stained? If dirty there may be a way of saving it.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles
dickburk at ix.netcom.com 

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