[Hallicrafters] Painting a Hallicrafters S-41G

Paul Daulton k5wms at centurytel.net
Sat Jun 11 22:34:58 EDT 2011

Testors makes an INKJET decal material available at Hobby Lobby and 
model airplane stores. Six sheets for $8.95. find the right font and 
you can make the decals on an inkjet printer. White is generally not 
available but a light silver is a good substitue or green as on my 
SX43. I am going to use silver on my Sky Buddy. 

I buy an aerosol adapter at local commercial paint store. It is a gas 
cartridge that screws on the top of a baby food sized jar. With matched 
paint you can spray as good as aerosol cans, cost is about $5. 

Paul k5wms

Quoting Glen Zook <gzook at yahoo.com>:
> The URL for the boat anchor paints is
> http://k9sth.com/uploads/Boat_Anchor_Paints.pdf
> However, there are only 2 of the Hallicrafters paints on there.  I haven't
> needed to get any others matched. 
> Just about any paint store can mix the proper color from the formula. 
> Glen, K9STH
> Website:  http://k9sth.com
> --- On Sat, 6/11/11, Richard Knoppow <1oldlens1 at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> It seems to me that someone on this list has a web site with the formulas for
> all the Hallicrafters colors on it. 
> If so you may be able to get paint made up for you via mail order. 
> I suspect covering the old paint with masking tape would work but I 
> am not sure
> how good it would look. 
> Is the original paint scratched or scraped off or just dirty or stained? If
> dirty there may be a way of saving it. 
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