[Hallicrafters] Painting a Hallicrafters S-41G

Joey - NC4D nc4d at arrl.net
Sat Jun 11 23:08:00 EDT 2011

I just re painted a Hallicrafters SR-400A cabinet. The original paint was
chipping off badly.
I took the cabinet for the radio and the power supply cabinet to a power
coating shop. Didn't get it painted there because
they didn't have or couldn't make up the shade gray I needed. But they did
glass bead the cabinets down to the bare aluminum.
So I bought some self etching primer (comes in spray can) at most any auto
paint store. Sprayed the light gray primer
covering very well and let sit couple days. 
Before having the paint atken off, I took the cabinet to Lowe's and had them
scan the color. 
Then bought their Valspar latex acrylic enamel. You can get it mixed in a
small sample size plastic 7.5 ounce size enough to 
do couple radios easy. Runs about 3 bucks for the paint.
Looks about size of a cold cream jar it comes in with a screw on lid. So
easy to pour any left overs back in the jar from the
paint gun. I use an auto touch up gun. 
After couple coats, I spray on  a couple coats of clear satin, gives it a
not shiny but smooth to the touch finish. 
So that works for me pretty good....
Joey - NC4D

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From: Glen Zook
Date: 06/11/11 21:07:34
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Subject: Re: [Hallicrafters] Painting a Hallicrafters S-41G
The URL for the boat anchor paints is
However, there are only 2 of the Hallicrafters paints on there.  I haven't
needed to get any others matched.
Just about any paint store can mix the proper color from the formula.
Glen, K9STH
Website:  http://k9sth.com
--- On Sat, 6/11/11, Richard Knoppow <1oldlens1 at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
It seems to me that someone on this list has a web site with the formulas
for all the Hallicrafters colors on it.
If so you may be able to get paint made up for you via mail order.
I suspect covering the old paint with masking tape would work but I am not
sure how good it would look.
Is the original paint scratched or scraped off or just dirty or stained? If
dirty there may be a way of saving it.
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