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Mon Jun 20 15:04:34 EDT 2011

I have the same radio and the wire is supposed to be there for some kind of negative feedback (I think) and also drives the headphones when plugged in. My radio has a  6K6 as the shematic shows instead of  a 6F6.  The output circuit is identical to the one used in the S-40A  which uses a 6F6 so that probably wouldn't make a difference, although the 6F6 uses a lot more filament current.  I would also replace the 10 MFD capacitor C4 from cathode to ground if it hasn't been done already.

Les Layton

---- Lloyd Godsey <kk7iz at cox.net> wrote: 
> Been messing with this junk for most 60 years and finally came onto one that’s 
got me up a stump.
Case in point: Hallicrafters 8R40, the one with the selenium rectumfriers.
Somebody was there afore me. I am just cleaning up the mess.
Replaced the selenium's with silicone, added a 200 ohm series resistor to 
bring voltages down
to livable levels. Got the speaker wiring straightened out. Get some squeals 
What throws me, there is a wire shown on the schematic going from the 
grid of the 6F6 to the lower side of the utput transformer.
Wire is also in the radio.
What is it's function? Looks like trouble to me.
Took one end loose, still squeals.
It's beer:30 so will worry about it later.

Lloyd Godsey KK7IZ
kk7iz at cox.net
Skype: lloyd.godsey

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