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Gerry Steffens gsteffens at bevcomm.net
Mon Feb 15 20:31:09 EST 2016

I have been restoring schematic diagrams and other paper items for many
years.  In addition to physically restoring using library archival supplies
and techniques, I have done a lot of restoration, making new, fixed up
copies.  Thus far I have used the old copy, manually fix, zoom up, zoom
back, cut and tape, recopy and many other manual operations.  The advent of
digital copying allowed these methods without the generational degradation
of older copiers.

 The time has come to modernize and go digital. I have color 11 X 17
scanners, printers and more.

 Back when working, I had a drafting staff.  They would create and recreate
drawings, some from scratch and some by scanning, overlaying and editing
using AutoCad, which came at an astronomical price.

Does anyone have any recommendations, cautions, warnings or preferences as
to affordable, modern software for home use to accomplish this type of task?
I'm looking for software to scan or read scanned files, edit these files,
have scalable symbol libraries and/or combined with the ability to create a
library of various old electronic symbols with the goal of creating
schematics and other diagrams from scratch or by editing existing scans of
old original material.

I am operating a  Windows 10 based computer with a monster, 4 core, CPU and
a clocking speed that would make most gamers' heads spin, supported by over
a terabyte of SSD storage and so, computer horsepower and storage space
aren't questions. 

Thanks for any assistance,


Gerald L. Steffens P.E.
Radio Historian, Collecting and Restoring:
E.H. Scott, McMurdo Silver, Hallicrafters, Heath, National, Zenith
Transoceanic & any other interesting radios

Collection stands near 300 radios and 5 classic Oldsmobiles

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