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From: jackiv@juno.com
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 17:42:25 -0500
Subject: [Hallicrafters] JOHNSON MATCHBOX FS
Message-ID: <20001024.174227.-319115.4.jackiv@juno.com>

I have a clean 275 watt matchbox with manual copy. This is the one with
the vswr meter and the in line coupler.  There is a scratchy spot on the
top, center rear. Otherwise the front panel is vg. When I recieved it it
had been modified to a co-ax only output( did'nt the lid know that this
is the good one?) I opened it up and put it back the way that it should
be with the exception of leaving the shorting wire on the relay allowing
the thing to be used with a txcvr.    Switch sections look excellent, no
sign of heating.
   will sell for $150.00 plus ship from 60067 (nw of chicago)  Good copy
of manual included,  what have you to trade???
73s      jack

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From: "Salmons, Michael" <SalmonsM@missouri.edu>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 10:13:19 -0500
Subject: [Hallicrafters] sx-96 power up solved
Message-ID: <7C63391505B75E449AEABF39791E44E305015AEB@umc-mail02.missouri.edu>

I feel pretty stupid but.. my problem with powering up this radio was more
basic than I suspected. The simplest answer is usually the right answer, as
they say... Turns out the SX-96 as many of you probably know does not have a
dedicated power on switch; rather, it is one of several selections on a knob
labeled "response." Once I found that word "power" hiding among the several
selections.. further complicating things the knob mechanisms are pretty
gunked up and that knob felt more like an attentuator than a switch.

I should have known enough to look for an oddball power up mechanism.. my
amp is an old tube model which turns on from the treble adjustment. So I
have no excuse!

Thanks for the quick responses I received from everyone on the list. If
anyone wants a summary of them posted let me know.


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From: "Gary Lee Phillips" <ka9nzi@arrl.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 08:25:03 -0500
Subject: Re: [Hallicrafters] List replies
Message-Id: <200010241325.IAA14381@mail.lib.colum.edu>

Jim, KD1YV, wrote:
> In a "reply to group" setting, Mary states her answer aloud.
> Fred benefits, and Judy and Don also benefit.

While this is a true and rational argument, the fact is that the 
mechanics of internet mailers does not allow the list configuration 
to guarantee any particular performance when people merely click on 
"reply" or type the equivalent command in their mail software. Mail 
software is not consistent in the way it behaves. Some software 
has two buttons or two commands, one of which replies to the sender 
only, and the other to the entire group. Even with that feature, 
the results will vary because 1) it is implemented inconsistently, 
and 2) it depends on headers in the message being replied to (some 
of which may not even be normally visible to the recipient) that 
are set differently by different mailing list software.

The various popular e-mail programs (Eudora, Outlook, Exchange, 
Pegasus, Pine, Elm, Netscape, etc. ... an endless number of them)
all act differently. The only *effective* solution is for each user 
to learn to use his/her software as intended to get the results 
desired. The mechanics will be different for each program. Nothing 
that can be done to the list configuration will make everyone happy, 
and nothing will make a simple "reply" command always go to the list 
or always to the individual sender for everyone. Some changes may 
even make it difficult for some users to send an individual reply 
(not to the list) which leads to a different kind of problem. Then 
everyone will be complaining about the personal messages, chit chat, 
etc. going out to the list.

The tendency of end users to prefer the simplest, or the cheapest, 
or the software that came for "free" is part of what makes this such 
a knotty problem. Such software often reduces things to the lowest 
common denominator and doesn't offer the flexibility or the level of 
accuracy and control that is needed.

Changing the list configuration usually alters the reading of either 
or both of the "From:" and "Reply-to:" headers. For some mailers, 
this will indeed alter the behavior of the "reply" button, but for 
many others it will have no effect at all, or may even produce an 
unwanted effect.

Obviously, the list owner can do what he chooses. But don't count 
on it to make anything better.

-- Gary Phillips, Marengo, IL  mailto:ka9nzi@arrl.net
   KA9NZI, Seneca Twp., McHenry Co., IL  Grid: EN52rg
   QRP-L #2124             http://www.qsl.net/ka9nzi/

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