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From: "Thomas R. Sundstrom" <trscons@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 21:32:11 -0500
Subject: [SWL] RE: swltalk: Radio Shack "Magic Speaker" back in stock ! 
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I've been using the RS Optimus PRO-7AV speakers for years with very good
results on all shortwave, ham and scanner receivers, including the
"copper-top" HF-150 where it sounds superb. 40w RMS/80w max. Shielded,
so nothing video/computer-wise near it bothers it. 40-2048 black,
40-2059 black, $80, often on sale for $40. And these units have been in
the catalog continuously over the years.

Tom Sundstrom
Thomas R. Sundstrom <trs@trsc.com>
TRS Consultants <http://www.trsc.com>
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From: Joe Buch <joseph.buch@dol.net>
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 12:09:36 -0500
Subject: [SWL] Re: swltalk: Radio Shack "Magic Speaker" back in stock ! 
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At 23:19 2/5/99 -0500, Chuck Rippel wrote:

>If you have access to a Radio Shack, I highly recommend one.  
>BTW, they are on sale just now for, you guessed it, $39.95.

Chuck et al,

I went out and bought one today.. The regular price is $59.95 so the sale
price is really good by comparison.  The sale lasts until the end of
February but don't wait too long as the store I bought mine at only had two

As a test I hooked the speaker up to the right channel of the stereo in the
living room.  I put the amp in mono mode so I could pan the balance control
from left to right and thereby get an A/B comparison.  The original stereo
speakers are 10 inch woofer, bookshelf, acoustic-suspension types with
pretty good bass response.  Panning the sound from the left to the right
channel clearly showed the bass end was down from the big speakers but
still surprisingly good for the size.  The high end was very similar on
both speakers.  Cranking up the volume to the "Turn that damn thing down!"
level using the 30 watt per channel amplifier showed it cleanly handled
this power level with no sign of audible distortion.

Next I connected the speaker to the output of my Collins R-388 receiver.
This receiver uses a single 6AQ5 in the audio output which is the miniature
version of the 6V6.  The audio frequency response specs on this receiver
are rated at down less than 3 dB at 200 Hz and down less than 7 dB at 2500
Hz.  The 6AQ5 will typically put out about 4 watts of audio in Class A
service.  Not exactly hi-fi but a good compromise for AM BC and shortwave
listening.  The new speaker sounds cleaner than the old one.  The base is
much tighter and less boomy than the 4 inch speaker in a vented wooden box
that it replaced.  I am listening right now to the live WWVA Jamboree from
Wheeling on 1170 KHz and it really sounds good.

It doesn't compare to the R-390A driving my den stereo from the diode load
output, but then I didn't expect it to.

Another advantage of the new speaker is that the big magnet makes it really
heavy.  It makes a great bookend for the WRTH, Passport, etc. sitting
between the speaker and the radio.

Thanks Chuck.  Good tip.

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