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From: Taliesin The Greenman <greenman@illusions.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 17:58:18 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: [SWL] FRS
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On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Paul D wrote:

> Does anyone have the exact frequencies of the 14 FRS Channels??  Thanks in
> advance.
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> Submissions  swl@qth.net
Here ya go! 

462.5625  462.5875  462.6125  462.6375  462.6625  462.6875  462.7125

467.5625  467.5875  467.6125  467.6375  467.6625  467.6875  467.7125


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From: "Paul D" <n1pd@twave.net>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 19:33:37 -0500
Subject: [SWL] FRS
Message-ID: <000001be61e8$d0a788e0$64f0150c@oemcomputer>

Does anyone have the exact frequencies of the 14 FRS Channels??  Thanks in

Submissions  swl@qth.net

From: Joe Buch <joseph.buch@dol.net>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 14:12:37 -0500
Subject: [SWL] Radio Canada Program Tips
Message-Id: <>


Friday evening on As it Happens... those black velvet paintings are coming
out of the closet and winning a little decent respect. The co-curator of a 
museum black velvet show describes the best of the genre, including the 
work of Edgar Leeteg -- the "Rembrandt of black velvet." That's tonight 
on As It Happens, with Rick Macinnes-Rae and Barbara Budd at 2330 UTC on
5960 and 9755 KHz on Radio Canada International.  If you live within medium
wave range of Canada, you can also try 1830 local time on CBC Radio One
outlets in each of the time zones except Newfoundland which airs it at 1900
local.  This program is also heard on many Public Radio International
affiliates in the USA at various times.  Check your local station.


On Saturday morning in North America you can hear Basic Black, in my humble
opinion one of the funniest programs on the radio antwhere..On this week's
show.Arthur meets Mickey Murre, a sea-bird who's taken a shine to life
indoors. Also, another unpredictable visit from the ubiquitous Harold
Fiske, and a chat with a man who has just climbed down from Mount
Kilimanjaro. That's on Basic Black, Saturday at 1505 UTC on the Quebec
Northern Service of the CBC on 9625 KHz. 


Another great comedy show from the CBC follows Basic Black.  Produced by
the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland, the show presents a unique
Newfie view of the world.  You never know what to expect but it usually is
pretty funny.  Listen at 1630 UTC on 9625 KHz.


Probably the best science program on the radio anywhere (including NPR's
Science Friday), this week on Quirks and Quarks you can join host Bob
McDonald on a tour of the seas and skies of Canada's West Coast. He'll
explore the strange underwater world that surrounds hot vents deep in the
ocean, check out a one-person submarine, and find out some of the science
behind the decline in B.C. salmon stocks. All that, plus the birds and
wildlife of the Georgia Strait, this week on Quirks and Quarks, Saturday
following the 1700 news on 9625 KHz.  The program is repeated on Sunday
morning after the 1300 UTC news on 9640, 13650, and 17715 KHz.

All of the above are available in RealAudio on the internet if your
shortwave reception is not good.  Check this URL:<http://www.radio.cbc.ca/>
and click on the Radio One live feeds.


Joe Buch

Submissions  swl@qth.net

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