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From: Joe Buch <joseph.buch@dol.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 09:22:25 -0500
Subject: [SWL] Radio Canada Program tip
Message-Id: <>


This morning's program is a replay of a show which originally aired in
September 1998 due to the labor dispute currently going on at CBC.  You can
hear it on 13,650 or 17,715.  Normal frequency 9,640 is not on today.

Woody Guthry's daughter has discovered a bunch of manuscripts of songs
Woody wrote but never recorded.  A British artist has put some of them on
CD and will be interviewed.  There will also be a documentary profile of
classical music comedienne Anna Russell.  In the series "aging gracefully"
there is an interview with a 90 year old lady from Newfoundland.  In the
book review segment there are interviews of authors who have recently
published books on "revenge writing" and another on, "Why did Hitler become
Hitler?".  The program is on right now and runs until 1700 UTC.


Joe Buch

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