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Duane Fischer, W8DBF

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Latest Historic Halligan Radio Project Packages Now Available!


Historic Halligan Radio Project Packages For All Series Are Available Now!

This "final" special release contains two packages. They may be purchased individually at a cost of $25 each plus shipping of $3.00 within the USA and her territories. Canadian postage is $3.50 and overseas Airmail will be about $8.40 These prices are in USA values. You pay exactly what I pay!

If you purchase both packages together, your "TOTAL" cost is only $40, plus the shipping shown above. This would be $43 shipped in the USA, $43.50 in Canada and $48.40 for airmail elsewhere.

Here is an overview of some, but not all, of what is contained on the discs in each package.

HHRP #3: Historic Halli Video Clips On Planes And Ships Newsreels For The Silver Screen Live Again On Remastered DVD! This is a custom made DVD that features the commercially produced Hallicrafters WW2 "Voice Of Victory" film that shows the development and operation of the powerful military workhorse HT-4/BC-610 transmitter. Bill Halligan did the original design work before he started the Hallicrafters Company. Because of demand exceeding supply, the FBI asked Bill Halligan if he would sell them his personal HT-4 for use in the hills above Honolulu, Hawaii. He agreed. This was the only TX that survived the devastating Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday December 7, 1941 that was powerful enough to contact the USA mainland. It was Bill Halligan's personal HT-4 that the FBI used to inform President FDR that Japan had executed a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

There are six additional commercially produced video clips included. They range from 1942 through 1960. Now you can see it all on a single DVD that can be played on your stand alone DVD player. A computer can also be used, but it is NOT necessary!

The conversion from the CD video format into the digital DVD format was done by Aaron Hsu, NN6O and Jim Tripp, WA6DIJ. My thanks to these terrific digital video wizards for a job very well done!

HHRP #4: The second disc is a CD in this absolutely unique collection of seldom, if ever, publically seen, glimpses into Bill Halligan's private world.

SPECIAL FEATURE: See the actual photo chronology done by International Truck before and during the 1947-1948 history making Gatti-Hallicrafters DXpedition to Mount Kilimanjaro. Twenty-four pages, in color, that show you the actual maps, base camp, top of the world camp, struggle up the mountain, all the vehicles used and more. The most complete account ever published, and here it is for you! All pages are print ready and photos will print as either 5X7 or 8X10. Now you can read about the "rest of the" incredible history that was withheld at the time for national security reasons. In two words, Mind Melting!

Plus: personal photos of Bill Halligan, original text transcripts, personal letters, rare articles, actual news releases, photo of William Halligan, Sr., William Halligan, Jr. and William Halligan III, photo of William Halligan, Sr. and William Halligan, Jr. with caption, "This as rare as DX! A photo showing father and son together, which is rarely seen.", rare and unique QSL cards like William Snyder, W0LHS and Robert Leo, W7LR. Seven page transcript used by Dr. Max De Henseler when conducting the only known Halligan video interview, eight page transcript of incredible lecture given by Fritz Franke in Dayton 1981, four pages of text on "The Amazing World Of Short-Wave" and two pages on the QCWA induction of Bill Halligan into their Hall Of Fame. And much more!

HHRP #5: A special commemorative CD collection of material done by me on former Chief Engineer, Fritz Franke. (This complements the live audio of his incredible lecture at the Dayton Hamvention included in the two CD audio package.) This previously unreleased presentation contains exclusive "in house" materials believed to have never before been seen by the public. These include: Princeton University Independent Study on Hallicrafters by David Driscol dated May 1, 1963. His father, Hugh Driscoll was the chief accountant for Hallicrafters. The sources were legendary Chief Engineer Fritz Franke and the youngest of Bill Halligan's three sons John Richard Halligan. These 79 pages contain many photos, historical accounts previously confidential, facts you never knew existed and more, much more! A "MUST" read for all radio hobbyists and historians!

An original photo from 1945 of Fritz Franke and Bob Samuelson, Exclusive photos of a prototype transmitter designed by Fritz Franke and some rare+ text about it, Photocopy of 3 page August 1984 interview of Bill Halligan by David Cohn. Read about Bill's encounter with the actual MARCHESE GUGLIELMO MARCONI at age 15, his first Ham station with spark gap transmitter, crystal receiver, homebrew antenna etc.

See the actual rare original "in house" spoof Ad that someone inside Hallicrafters generated after being struck simultaneously by an electrical bolt of creativity and a thunderclap of public relations suicide! Marketing dared not release this to the media in 1962! This will have you howling with laughter!

See an actual original price list, resized to print out as an 8.5 by 11 inch document. View enlarged blank FCC TX stickers required on all transmitters sold, weekly cost reporting sheets with instructions, a 'for real' business card from the legendary Fritz Franke, some actual original pieces of personal correspondence, two authentic original obituaries with a color photo of Fritz Franke, a large 8X10 photo suitable for framing, photos of Fritz at a banquet, Bill Halligan, Sr. and Fritz together, what looks for all the world like a heck of a fancy party inside a warehouse! About 45 Hallicrafters Ads of different products over several decades of time - And much more!

The actual original newspaper stories on the birth of the Boston, MA "Radio Shack" store Halligan co-owned and named, see actual rare holiday Ads, a look at seventeen Hallicrafters radio Ads from an extremely rare Silver Marshall Co. catalog. (Before Bill had a manufacturing facility in Chicago, Illinois for the fledgling line of Hallicrafters receivers, they were built by the Silver Marshall Co. in Chicago!)

Read the story about the sale of Hallicrafters to Penn Texas in 1957. Then how Bill Halligan, who remained on the Board Of Directors, saw the company he so loved about to implode from debt accumulated by the insightful but overly ambitious new owner, that for reasons still unclear the Chicago banks did not want to work with, pulled a Halligan miracle, bought Hallicrafters back and saved the company from certain death. Then see the original New York Times 1967 story on the proposed sale of Hallicrafters to Northrop. And oh so much more -

HHRP #6: Chuck Dachis Audio CD. Remastered from the original audio tapes. Exclusive live "as it happened" audio recordings of great moments in both Hallicrafters and radio in general. Hear a young Chuck Dachis, WD5EOG, present his 20 slide show about rare and unique Hallicrafters items at the 1981 Dayton Hamvention. They thought Chuck had a collection then? He was just getting started! Almost sixty minutes of absolutely captivating descriptions of some truly remarkable designs presented live by the man who has come to be known as "The Hallicrafters Collector". This is a "MUST" hear!

All of the four individual packages are immediately available to ship on October 31, 2007.

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HB9RS with some of his Hallicrafters.

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