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Never Before Seen Looks Into The Radio World Of Bill Halligan

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See & Hear Personal Photos, Audio Recordings and Transcripts

See & Hear Personal Photos, Audio Recordings and Transcripts

Available Publically For The First Time Ever!

Exclusively From W9WZE Halligan's Hallicrafters & Duane Fischer, W8DBF

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Although some remastering of the video and audio media was necessary to improve clarity, every effort was made to retain the original sound quality and imperfections so as to present a realistic experience.

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Additional Text, Photo & Audio CD Sets Will Release In 2006!

The price for the DVD is $25 and the two CD set is $15, plus $1.50 each for postage.

A numbered certificate of registered authenticity will be included for the first 100 paid in advance DVD and CD sets ordered and shipped. Because I own and possess the only legal original copy of this unique video, as well as the only authentic originals of the audio tapes, and some of the text transcripts, photographs and other materials, the DVD and CD sets 'may' become collectable in their own right. If so, you can prove the authenticity of your copy with the document that certifies your copy by issue number and individual security code.

Here is some, but not necessarily all, of the material featured on the DVD.

Exclusive rare one of a kind Bill Halligan video interview with Dr. Max De Henseler, HB9RS in NYC on November 18, 1983. Unscripted and totally impromptu. Bill is 20 days shy of his 85th birthday. His Irish wit is alive and well! This video is about Bill the 'person' and how he and radio grew up together, how each affected the other and how radio changed the world forever. My goal is to let you meet Bill Halligan, get to know him and get a better 'real' sense of how radio affected us all. Not about telling the Hallicrafters story, as Dr. Max De Henseler, HB9RS, a personal friend of Bill and Katie Halligan, has told it magnificently in his book "The Hallicrafters Story". A must read! I want 'you' to meet my friend Bill Halligan, W9AC, so what are you waiting for?

Legendary "Waving Lady" of the Savannah, GA lighthouse, story and photos by Bob Harman, Jr., W4WTO. She waved at all incoming and outbound ships for 44years! See the monument to her errected in 1977. Find out why Bill Halligan had a picture of her on his Ham shack wall.

Hallicrafters-Gatti 1947-1948 expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, historic DXpedition to the "Mountains Of The Moon", original QSL's, Hallicrafters PR card, photos with articles and actual letters from surviving members. Special thanks to W7LR, Robert Leo who was there!

Vatican City Amateur Station: HV1CN. Donated by Bill Halligan, Sr. While on a European tour he was honored in Rome at the Vatican with a banquet November 1965 by the ARI. February 1966, photos, articles and more. Famous operator call sign of HV3SJ AKA Strawberry Jam.

1933 Chicago Worlds Fair with the Sky Ride, the origin of the Skyrider name, and original series of ads for the Skyrider starting with the first ad in January 1934.

NY Times obituary and photo for Bill Halligan, Sr., July 1992 at age 93+

Photo of Bill, W9AC at his Miami, FL station in 1988 at age 90

Photo of Bill with wife Katie and Max's wife Renate in front of the Halligan's apartment in Miami, FL

Photo of Bill at the United Nations Ham station 4U1UN, call was founded by Dr. Max De Henseler, HB9RS

Photo of Bill Halligan, Sr. and Carl Mosley

Photos of Bill receiving the David Sarnoff award in NYC in November 1983

And much more - 119 files! + the video!

Historic Two CD Audio Set: #1

Live audio recording of Bill Halligan, Sr. during dinner at a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio in September of 1981 with Dr. Max De Henseler, HB9RS and wife. Informal interview/discussion runs 54 minutes.

Audio of "The Amazing World Of Short-wave" produced by Hallicrafters on a 45 rpm single, release about 1959, 14 minutes with four page text transcript.

QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association) 1981 induction and presentation to Bill of their most prestigious award, The Hall Of Fame and his thank you remarks. About 7 minutes. Plus two page text transcript.

Bob Morgan, K8RBV Welcomes all to the 1981 QCWA Cleveland, Ohio meeting. A very entertaining, but factual talk, about obscure, little known facts of radio that are both educational and often amusing. 22 minutes

Former Chief Engineer, Fritz Franke presentation at the Dayton, Ohio Hamvention in 1983. Absolutely going to shred your neurons! A must hear as Fritz reveals formerly classified material about WW2! About 42 minutes. Plus 8 page transcript.

Interview of Fritz Franke by news reporter in Dayton, Ohio May 1983. About 7 minutes


Coming Soon: More never before seen photos, text transcripts, and letters from Bill Halligan. The USS Hope story. The Ham who toured Africa in the sixties on a Hallicrafters sponsored DXpedition. More rare ads from the Silver Marshall company. Plus previously published magazine articles and much more!

Coming Soon: John Nagle with some historical dialogue and introduction of Chuck Dachis with a very interesting 20 slide presentation on unusual Hallicrafters gear, brief Q/A at the end, Dayton 1983, 45 minutes+ You've probably seen or own Chuck's awesome book, "Radios By Hallicrafters", now meet him!

Coming Soon: Special three CD set devoted exclusively to the incredible Fritz Franke, former Chief Engineer for Hallicrafters from December 1940 into the sixties. Never before released documents, product designs, photos and letters. You have to see this to believe it!

And more -

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