Blast from the Past!
This is a regular feature highlighting the history of Hallicrafters radio. Contributions for this area are greatly appreciated! Email your ideas or contributions to me.
Jim Thayer, W5JT


1939 Message from W J Halligan

The Elusive Hallicrafters SX-112

Hogarth is Admiral of the fleet

Receiver Catalog

Army and Navy Testimonials

He's No Native

S-38 for $39 50

Hallicrafters Most Enthusiastic Distributor

Echophone EC-1A for 1946

S-37 Over and above all

S-40 Ad Part 1

Postwar New Chapter

What Kept Hogarth Up At Night!

Hogarth doesn't mind

The New Super Defiant

Hogarth is no longer lonely

Hogarth always gets his babe and his Echophone

Hogarth Makes a Date

Hogarth can't feel lost

Key Man is the key to Peacetime Communications

S-36 Covers Old and New FM Bands

Hogarth wants to dispose of plans thief

TG-10-F Reel-to-Reel Keyer

Hallicrafters in 1962 Allied Catalog

Hogarth should not underestimate the enemy

Hogarth isn't going native

Hams make the difference in WWII

Get Your Knight Kits at Allied Electronics

Ted McElroy leaves Navy for Hallicrafters Franchise

Sky Champion for $60 00

Wm Halligan Comments on the Super Defiant

SCR-299 Comes Home

Peacetime Production and Victory Bonds

S-40 Ad Part 2

New SKY BUDDY for 1939

S-37 Covers VHF

Hogarth Scores Again with Echophone

Ad 1939 SKY Series Receivers

Halligan Announces Platform

Hogarth Takes a Peek

Harrison Has Hallicrafters

High Frequency Headquarters

What he's got that you haven't got

BC-423 and BC-438

Wreck of Pandora

Hallicrafters VHF Claim Staking

Hogarth likes the EC-1A

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